Sustainability is in our DNA

A strong foundation for long-term partnerships.

A strong foundation for long-term partnerships.

Very early on, the company WSG became a committed pioneer in sustainable construction. From as early as 1974, it used solar collectors for energy production and alternative heating systems in various building projects.

And we continue to achieve milestones for the next generation to this day. Switzerland’s building stock generates around a quarter of the country’s CO2 emissions. In this regard, the construction industry has invested a huge amount – as one of the first sectors to do so – in very consciously reducing its carbon footprint.

As a result, it has managed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 34% since 1990 with environmentally friendly heating and electricity sources.

Every project we work on, be it a renovation or a new-build, is an additional contribution towards making Switzerland’s building stock more environmentally friendly. In recent years alone, we have drilled 124 holes for geothermal probes.


Out of respect for the environment.

Out of respect for the environment.

We are pioneers when it comes to sustainable construction


Our background

Our background


Construction of first houses with solar panels on the roof


Construction of the first office building with an integrated solar façade


Construction of the first Minergie-certified apartment building


Construction of the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach


Construction of the world’s first energy-self-sufficient apartment building